Role Call 29: Weaklings

Roll the Bones: Role Call 29: Weaklings
Would you object to playing a markedly weaker character than that for which the game system/campaign generally allows?

It’s not my usual modus operandi, but I’ve no problem with the concept.
Although he himself wouldn’t characterize himself as “weak”, Archard from Empire of the Gleaming Banner is an example of a character built to point totals in ADRPG much less than usual. So in a sense he could be considered weak, especially once he was interacting with Amberites with multiples of his point totals. But, as the Bard says, the play’s the thing, and the points are much less of an issue if the roleplay is sweet and the character’s voice comes forth.
And in Archard, it certainly does so.
Despite the imbroglio that I know little about, except seeing the cascading effects of same, I’ve decided to continue with the meme.

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  1. Thanks for answering! As far as the imbroglio (and subsequent smear campaign) goes, I haven’t been told what it’s all about, either. Since I have little time for such juvenile antics, I’ve elected to simply move on.

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