2003 Hugo Awards

Well, the people up at the World Science Fiction Convention have awarded the 2003 Hugo Awards.
And the winners are (with commentary by me)…

NOVEL: Hominids, Robert J. Sawyer (Analog Jan-Apr 2002; Tor)
Arrgh! I thought that this was easily the weakest of the bunch. Better than Years of Rice and Salt (my favorite)? Better than Kiln People, of which I’ve heard very good things from people like Arref? Better than Swanwick? Or Mieville (remember I loved Perdido). And my two attempts to read Sawyer left a taste in my mouth. Starplex was…all right (I rate it a 7) And Factoring Humanity…well, I rated it a 4. Unless he’s gotten a lot better…I just don’t see it.
NOVELLA: Coraline, Neil Gaiman (HarperCollins)
Not a surprise, Gaiman is very popular lately, and although I haven’t read it, I hear Coraline is up to snuff.
NOVELETTE: “Slow Life”, Michael Swanwick (Analog Dec 2002)
And Swanwick wins another story Hugo. He’s getting to be the Bujold of the story categories.
SHORT STORY: “Falling Onto Mars”, Geoffrey A. Landis (Analog Jul/Aug 2002)
Not surprising given that Mars in the news lately.
RELATED BOOK: Better to Have Loved: The Life of Judith Merril, Judith Merril & Emily Pohl-Weary (Between the Lines)
Don’t know anything about it, really can’t say.
DRAMATIC PRESENTATION, SHORT FORM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Conversations With Dead People” (20th Century Fox Television/Mutant Enemy Inc.; Directed by Nick Marck; Teleplay by Jane Espenson & Drew Goddard)
What will they do now that Buffy is off the air as far as nominations go?
DRAMATIC PRESENTATION, LONG FORM: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (New Line Cinema; Directed by Peter Jackson; Screenplay by Fran Walsh, Phillippa Boyens, Stephen Sinclair & Peter Jackson; based on the novel by J. R. R. Tolkien)
Not a surprise, again.
SEMIPROZINE: Locus, Charles N. Brown, Jennifer A. Hall & Kirsten Gong-Wong, eds.

No surprises.
FANZINE: Mimosa, Rich & Nicki Lynch
Haven’t read it.
FAN WRITER: Dave Langford
I was pulling for Steven Silver, myself.
Don’t know her.
John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer [Not a Hugo]: Wen Spencer
I’m sure someone like Deb, who has more contact with newbie writers, would have much more pointed opinions about this category. Deb?

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  1. Recently listened to _Coraline_ and it isn’t as strong as it could have been, not considering other things the writer has done. [shrugs] I wasn’t completely displeased, but I find myself disappointed. Otherwise, I had no familiarity with the nominees.

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