IMC: Dragons

In my Campaign: Dragon
Arref talks about Dragons and Amber, a topic that I, too have touched upon in Strange Bedfellows…

I’ve mentioned Dragons in my game before, last year in fact. Thanks to the import of my old Blog entries, you can look it up here on this blog.
Anyway, I mentioned then that there are, in the SB version of the universe, shadow Dragons, and True Dragons. Shadow Dragons are the more mundane version of the same, limited to one shadow, although ferocious enough in their own sphere.
True Dragons are creatures of Power. In most cases they predate the formation of the Pattern, if not the Logrus as well. In fact, along with some colonies of Faerie, they are the oldest continually existing cultures in the Amber multiverse.
Dragons in a sense are expressions of primal power. In a few cases, the Dragons themselves could be considered full manifestations of these energies, archetypes, and concepts. The highest of the True Dragons, certainly, can be considered as such.
Although not gregarious, the True Dragons IMC are strongly aware of social boundaries and hierarchies. Most of the True Dragons are organized into affiliations called “Courts”, headed by the most powerful Dragon of its type. Singletons, rogues and outcasts can be especially dangerous to the unwary, if they have no code of conduct of their peers from which to compare themselves. Such a Dragon in backstory, for instance, strongly affected the development of the shadow from which Sand and Delwin hail. However, at least as far as True Dragons are concerned, most are not so arbitrary, although dangerous enough.
As far as their role in the game, the aforementioned Dragon in Coriliaine played a significant backstory role in the development of Jayson. As far as in game time, well, there IS a Dragon, a True Dragon about. To reveal more would give away too many secrets.
The GM has to have some surprises. 😀
As an additional note, it sounds like that in a couple of cases, some True Dragons might be represented by Nobilis than Amber statistics. And I’ve toyed with the idea, too, although I’ve not heard of anyone mixing Nobilis and Amber stated personages in the same game.