Blog Impersonating

Via Atrios, apparently someone has been trying to impersonate the Riverbend Blog, one of the Blogs posted to by someone in Iraq. As you might expect, the political leanings of the fake “Riversbend” blog are a polar opposite to the original.
It reminds me of the days early in the claim-jumping of the WWW, when people would register domain names similar to and misspellings of popular sites. “” for example. But still, even then, those sites did not generally pretend to be their counterpart.
This business with the Blogs though…the basic look of the doppleganger is meant to confuse and befuddle. It’s pernicious. It’s (overused I know) Orwellian.
I’m just glad BJS is small enough that no one would ever think of trying this with me.
On the other hand, weirdly enough, Blogshares has two entries for me…using the url with and without the index.html. Odd.