Creativity, RPGs and Computers

Ginger has been documenting and participating in a cross-blog discussion of a couple of posts from a gentleman who is convinced that Apple’s focus on creative types is a marketing disaster.
I disagree.
First part: Thesis. If you are reading this, you probably are a creative type.
Generalization: Most humans, until it is beaten out of them, are inherently creative. Be it paintings in Altamira, the Pyramids of Egypt, Hagia Sophia, Angkor Wat, or a myriad more, Man creates. Man enjoys making things, not only for utility, but for aesthetics. Just look at some of the ancient pottery in a good museum. It not only is functional–its decorative.
Man, when given an environment and opportunity to do so, creates. Encouraging that is a Good Thing, and I support it wholeheartedly. Posts like the one cited above seem to come from a passive consumer mentality. The kind of person who watches TVs or Movies.
Silly idiot? I think if anything Ginger is being a little kind. But reading his own comments and the comments of others, perhaps I am being a little too uncharitable.
I would take a guess that a larger than general population sample of creative Roleplayers probably use Non-Windows (Apple, Unix, etal) products and computers. People who do phototrumps for Amber, or try and understand Nobilis, or the poetry of Hero system, or the beauty of Everway, are creative types already.
Sure I am an exception, since I glommed onto Windows early on and stayed there. But its not as if I haven’t been tempted by the other side. And with time and money I, too, will branch away from Windoze.
Because the tools and flexibility of the kind that Apple makes available are just too much up my alley to ignore forever.