A game-changing SB turn

I decided to share it here for the benefit of all of you, because I am proud that this storyline has finally seen fruit.
A little context. IMC, Rebma is technically a vassal of Amber in the same sense that Australia, New Zealand and Canada pay homage to the Queen of England even though they are independent countries. This relationship between Amber and Rebma has varied over time, depending on who was on each throne at the time.

The Rebman dance finally draws to a close, the female led dance slowing to a stop. Concheta and Triton find themselves in the middle, Brieanne and Gaz, Jayson and Cyllene, Angelique and Carl, and the other dancers.
It’s clear that the Rebman Charge D’Affaires is the center of action, though. Patting Triton’s hand for a moment, and giving it a squeeze, she walks away from Triton and toward the King. This is a part of the Rebman Dance not often invoked, but one that Brieanne is well aware of. As technically a vassal of Amber, Rebma sometimes uses this opportunity, at the end of the Rebman Dance at each quarter Ball, to deliver public messages from the Coral Throne to the Amber one.
Concheta is clearly taking advantage of that custom, as she produces a document from the folds of her dress that Triton will wonder how it it was so cleverly hidden without his knowledge.
Random remains placid as Concheta walks up to the King. She offers a very shallow curtesy, almost too shallow for propriety. She then proffers the parchment scroll to Random. Random takes it, opens it, and begins to read it. The shock and surprise on his face speaks volumes. The King of Amber begins to close it, but, impertinently, Concheta’s voice in the pin-drop ball rings out.
“Read it, sire, as per custom. Tell them.”
Random glares at Concheta. Not quite murderous fury, but clearly not enjoying the upstaging, and the constraints of custom are a straitjacket to Amber’s King. Vialle gives Random’s a squeeze of support.
Random looks at the scroll again and then looks at the Ballroom. “Her Majesty Queen Moire of Rebma begs to inform me, and thus all of you that she declares Rebma completely free and independent of all suzerainity of Amber, formal and otherwise. She also has declared that the so called Rebman Pattern has been declared the property of the free and independent Kingdom of Rebma and that none of the Royal Family of Amber are permitted access or use therein, and that steps have been taken to ensure this. Her Majesty, Queen Moire of Rebma.”
The discordant scroll falls from Random’s fingers to the floor as Concheta, triumphant, turns and walks away from the King and Queen, and toward the exit of the Ballroom.

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