Oh yes, I forgot to

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that, while in the middle of madness of ACUS, I have managed to firmly seperate the two Jenn’s
that I conflated. The one I spent a fair amount time with because she was a co-chef with Deb, and the other I met when
a mutual friend (thanks mutual friend, I know you know who you are) brought her to my table. I do want to apologize to THAT Jenn, though, for being rather uncomfortable–by that
time I was sick and I had no idea what to expect. So I went turtle like, defensive and nervous about the whole thing. I AM glad to have met you, though, Djinn.
Maybe next year we WILL chat like real people. Or even wind up in a game (as players, as me as a GM or whatever). I am not usually THAT
anti-social, even to strangers.
I still feel sick by the way, people. And if I had moveable type, I’d lilkely branch the non gaming stuff of this blog away from the gaming stuff, so those looking for my Amber and RPG stuff wouldn’t wade through complaints of colds from the underworld of your choice.
It’s good to be back.