Wednesday Weird: Party!

Nuadha’s latest Wednesday Weird is The Party.

A dark and lonely road.
The PCs find themselves, by storm and circumstance, on a deserted road and finally at an old house, full of light and sound. Drawn inside, they find themselves admitted to a birthday party for the 7 year old son of the parents. Complete with parents, two older siblings and grandparents, it seems like an idyllic birthday party that the PCs have inadvertently crashed.
But just why is everyone so excited to see the PCs? And why do the Pcs find the other family members urging them to give presents to Anthony out of their possessions even if they are by comparison to the lavish gifts he is already getting is not much. And why, except for when they talk to the PCs, does everyone seem to be saying lines by rote? Why does it feel like a scripted event that the PCs are intruding upon?
The answer. The only real person here is Anthony, everyone else is a chimerical illusion. A powerful, but lonely psychic, he has created these eidolons of his family, and of his birthday party to keep himself occupied. The PCs are the first ones in a long while to stumble across this house, and to get out of this intact, they will have to treat Anthony with care.

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