IMC: The Original Cast of SB

Taking a page from Ginger, this is the original, charter members of Strange Bedfellows.

For the curious, the original cast members of Strange Bedfellows…the ones in bold are
the ones still remaining.
Jeff Tyler as Astin, son of Leona
Keith Cripe as Brandeigh, daughter of Fiona
Bridgette Ruggles as Brieanne, daughter of Julian

Tristan as Clarissa, (eventually revealed as daughter of Mirelle)
Jim Groves as Jayson, son of Sand
Dawn Marinaro as Krysta of the Amber Blood

Bonnie Roe as Larissa, daughter of Dalt
Cathy Ozog as Malachi, son of Brand
Chris as Rylan, son of Finndo
Sarah as Shannon, daughter of Fiona
Romilly as Toireasa, daughter of Gerard
Fynn McCool as Triton, son of Corwin and Moire