Game Wish 100: War Stories

Ginger’s very last WISH (weep, wail!)
Tell me your favorite war story. Why is it your favorite? What does it show about your character or the game/campaign you were playing? What does it exemplify about why you like gaming?

So many choices!
I am not going to tell a war story from Wizard in the Attic, since at least one reader of this blog might play in an iteration of it at TBR. And it is difficult to tell war stories for PBEMs because of pacing and so forth.
So I will go with Arref’s Amber the Eternal City, as filtered through the Empire of the Gleaming Banner, and my character Archard.
Member of the ruling family of the Empire, Trump Artist in an Empire only beginning to explore its potential. Budding Dreamer. Archard is not as high powered as my Amberite characters but I grew to love him over the sessions he was present at at ACUS, and also at “P-con”.
But his crowning glory came at the last EGB session at ACUS. With things going all to hell, The Courts of Chaos were ready to declare war on the Empire because of certain outside manipulating forces. Archard was summoned to the gate to deal with the Chaos emissay who was going to offer the formal declaration.
He took the document from the envoy and looked at it, realizing its import. And what I did was purely instinctual, purely from the character as the best solution to a set of bad choices.
“I do not have the authority to accept this document.” is what I as Archard told the envoy and bade them wait. And then retreated to tell of the envoy and his message. Of course, as a high member of the Royal Family, Archard DID have the authority to accept it, which is the irony of the situation.
The upshot was that he managed to keep the lid on that long enough that other problems cropped up–and Chaos never did get that formal declaration of War through.
I consider it a crowning glory for him, just as this last WISH is a crowning glory for 100 interesting gaming thoughts from Ginger Stampley, Immigration Lass, Gamer, and my friend. Thank you!