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My friend bakes!

Atwood Cookie Kitchen
Introducing the Atwood Cookie Kitchen, my friend Deb Allen’s attempt to spread her delicious taste sensations to other people in exchange for money.
Delivery is only available in the Albany area at this time. But as someone who has tried her cookies at various Cons, I can personally attest to their quality.

The Perfect Ketchup

Matthew Yglesias: Saint-Ex Ketchup
Matthew Yglesias has a lighthearted blog post on, of all things, Ketchup. He links to an article in the New Yorker explaining why Heinz Ketchup is as close to an ideal ketchup as you will ever get.
No, really? As the article points out…there are a myriad of mustards in any decent supermarket, many barbeque sauces, mayonnaises, pasta sauces.
But there are very few ketchups. Even Heinz’ attempts to make variations on ketchup’s flavor (as opposed to those colored ones for kids) haven’t really worked. And that’s because Ketchup with a different flavor is no longer ketchup, but sauce.
While I use Famous Dave’s BBQ sauce a lot now…I always have a bottle of Heinz handy

Sausage Chili

Inspired by an episode of Emeril Live, I tried to make a sausage-based chili in the crockpot on Sunday for Scott and I.
The problem with it, we agreed, was that I seasoned it too heavily to be eaten by itself. It needed to be tempered by something, like rice, or sour cream, or just not to go overboard as I did on flavoring it. It’s not that Scott and I dislike hot, spicy food…but there was no counterbalance here, and it sorely needed one.
But the recipe itself worked well and makes a “meaty chili”…and is in the extended entry

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Chicken Ole Redux

My cooking experiences, cooking for me and Scott have been mixed bags the last couple of weeks. I made a ground beef Stroganoff which had zero “pep” to it, I cooked Italian sausage but used a pasta sauce Scott disliked (it had green peppers…).
One of my few successes was a stove-top version of Chicken Ole. You might recall that I’ve posted the slow cooker version on this site.
So for those of us without those neat gadgets, I will detail my stovetop variant.

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A busy weekend

Yesterday was the first day that I haven’t put a blog entry up for over a month, and with good reason.
First things first, Scott and I went over to what is going to soon be my new apartment. A tiny matchbox sized studio over in Circle Pines will shortly become home sweet home, since the whole baby thing is coming closer and closer. The downstairs bedroom (where I am now) will become the office (which it once was), and the office will turn into a nursery. So even with a temp job (although a fairly stable one) its time for me to risk a place of my own, and it was high time I left from being underfoot at the Olsons anyway.
Scott and I also mapped out and drove the route to a place that I have a job interview for on Monday. Yes, a real life job interview, finally. The job market has been tighter than, well, something better mentioned in A Grand Affair. So I realize that I have a fair amount of competition, so I am neither overconfident, nor am I “counting” on getting this job. It would be a fair commute, too, about 30 miles each way in a car.
But for a real, full time job, is it worth it? As they say here in Minnesota…you betcha. I got some badly needed driving practice on Interstates, even if I don’t get the job.
On the way back, we stopped in the high-end grocery store Byerly’s, which looked a lot like Zabar’s back in NYC. Unable to find them elsewhere, it was here that I finally found good old Nathan’s hot dogs, and I bought a package, naturally.
Scott and I also went to Big Bowl, even if save for the appetizer we didn’t stray from our favorites. Scott went for a Thai inspired dish, I went for the equally spicy “Blazing flat noodles”. As an appetizer, since I had not had them in quite some time, we had lettuce wraps (ground beef, scallions, rice noodles to which you add sauce and put in bibb lettuce, fold and eat).
And today, well, on Oct 5, 1971 at 1:35 PM EST, I was born.
No major plans for today…maybe buy stuff for the apartment, a few other minor chores and things. Last year I spent hours on a bus, bus, train, bus trip from my apartment in Anaheim all the way to the Getty Center and back. It was a long and exhausting trip but a lot of fun.
Well, if I were to be so lucky as to get this job, I probably will “celebrate”…otherwise I will be relatively frugal about the matter.