Dave’s xml D&D template idea

Over on a relatively new gaming blog called The Core Worlds, Dave has come up with an idea to make xml translations of some of the stuff in the SRD for D&D. While I am not qualified (in several senses) to take part in such a scheme, I did direct to him a couple of questions–mainly revolving around the scope of the project that were not clear to me, and hence perhaps to other potential aides in the idea. So if it sounds interesting, go on over there and check it out.

Blog Spam

Well, I’ve had my first taste of what could be called Blog Spam today. The funny thing is, the comment is in a post from over a month ago.
Someone posted a comment which seemed to be nothing more than an ad for his rather odd website.
I haven’t deleted the comment, its just not that irksome to me. (if it was a more recent post, I might have been tempted).
Of course the *nice* thing about MT is the ability to do something if this becomes something out of hand.

Exeunt Bonnie

Well, last night, the issue of the car damage was resolved, as Bonnie accepted my compromise solution. What I didn’t expect was for her to quickly decide to leave Strange Bedfellows, in medias res.
I was going to likely remove her…the acrimony of the situation has gotten ridiculous, but I didn’t realize she was going to steal a march and do it with post haste. She sent an email about the car, quickly followed by an email to me resigning from the game, an email to the SB list telling of her resignation, and then immediately unsubscribed from the SB list.
I am in a mixed mood about this. After all, Bonnie was one of the charter members of SB, and her characters are hip-deep in things. I can’t easily write them out of the script. I will respect Bonnie’s wishes not to hand them over to anyone else, too.
The gaping hole where her characters, where she used to be will take some time and effort to fill. Bonnie was one of the more creative PCs in my game, and in happier times we bounced ideas for her character’s past, present and future off of each other.
C’est la vie.

Two Towers redux

So, yesterday evening, the Olsons and I watched “The Two Towers”.
Before we did so, we took a look at that preview of the Return of the King. It turns out not to be a preview of the movie per se, on the contrary, its a “behind the scenes preview” of the making of the movie.
So..we see a few bits of movie, we see the director and a few actors talk about the third movie, but we don’t actually see much of a preview at all. What’s more telling, we see absolutely nothing of “crucial” scenes that Tolkien fans are waiting for–Shelob (although we get a glimpse of the caverns), Eowyn vs the Witch King, Frodo, Sam and Gollum at Mount Doom. Peter Jackson is keeping his cards very close to his vest.
As far as Two Towers on DVD…its a good conversion. We were familiar enough with the movie (The Olsons saw it in theaters many times) that we could and did talk about choices made in the script and movie as we went along. For example…using Frodo to have a vision as a flashback to Gandalf’s fall. Some of the military decisions (good and bad) during the Siege at Helm’s Deep. The whole “Frodo and Sam in Osgiliath” thing.
And, we all agreed when the movie was over, that we couldn’t wait for the extended edition, come November. They had a preview of that, too, on the DVD…and it does seem to fill in some significant holes between books and the theatrical cut.

Sprucing up things at BJS

I’ve been doing a little more Blog sprucing up today during bits of free time at work, after taking down the “Fair and Balanced” notice.
A Blog of Harald is finally linked on the sideboard. Just took me a while to remember to do it, especially since Harald is one of the few, the proud, that actually has a link to my modest little corner of the Blogosphere.
I added and fixed a couple of categories here (including one for Monday Mashup). I get trackback pings about as often as President Bush gives full, unscripted, news conferences, but perhaps part of that is because I discovered a whole raft of my categories didn’t accept pings. That’s now fixed.
Oh, and since I now ping weblogs.com, my “last updated” should finally show up on people’s Blogroll scripts.

Blood and Treasure for Space

Calpundit talks about the findings of the study of the space shuttle tragedy.
Scott and I had a discussion on the way to the Park and Ride this morning on the very subject. His thesis was that modern society has become extremely “risk-averse”, much unlike previous generations, and previous eras of exploration. Consider how many people died in rounding Africa, or exploring the Americas. To explore dangerous frontiers unfortunately seems to require Blood and Treasure.
The question is…is it worth it? Is it worth the danger, the risk, the potential and possibly inevitable loss of life to explore space?
My opinion is expressed by the fictional character Q, from Star Trek, The Next Generation. After the first meeting with the Borg, Picard is aghast at the loss 18 members of the crew in the conflict. Q replies to this:
If you can’t take a little bloody nose, maybe you ought to go back home and crawl under your bed. It’s not safe out here. It’s wondrous – with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it’s not for the timid.