I do care if I never get back

“Buy me some peanuts and …”
“I don’t care if I never get back”
The song has Cracker jack in the ellipsis, and its been sold at Yankee Stadium for
Not any more.
In his race for power, glory and greed, the Yankees have replaced Cracker Jack with Crunch N Munch. at the Stadium.
Cracker Jack has been sold in Yankee Stadium for nearly a century. And now no longer is being so.
It’s scary when the Mets have more respect for tradition than you do.
And besides, I prefer Cracker Jack to Crunch n Munch anyway

Tony Randall

Tony Randall, guiding light behind characters ranging from Felix Unger to Dr. Lao has passed away.
One of the ironies of his craft–he won an emmy for his titular role in the Odd Couple only after the show was cancelled.
I can see the political cartoons now. A depiction of heaven, with a cigar butt at the feet of St. Peter, and Tony Randall, dressed up in the full, prim, Felix Unger mode, looking at him with that air of disapproval he perfected on the Odd Couple.

Great Dying

Apparently an intriguing NASA press conference set for tomorrow:
NASA Press Release – “Great Dying”
Researchers funded by NASA and the National Science
Foundation have located the site of an impact crater. The
crater is believed to be associated with the largest
extinction event in Earth’s history about 250 million years
The researchers will report their findings and reveal the site
of the crater at 2 p.m. EDT, Thursday, May 13, 2004, during a
press teleconference.
Panelists are:
— Luann Becker, geologist, University of California, Santa
Barbara, Calif.
— Robert Poreda, geochemist, University of Rochester, N.Y.
— Kevin Pope, geologist, Geo Eco Arc Research, Aquasco, Md.
— Douglas H. Erwin, Senior Paleobiologist, National Museum of
Natural History, Washington
— Michael New, astrobiology discipline scientist, NASA
Headquarters, Washington; panel moderator
Reporters may call in to the press conference to hear the
presentation and participate in the question-and-answer
session, while following the presentations on a Web site.