Oh, no, he invented Rover!

NPR : The Orb, Keeping a Robotic Eye Out for Trouble
Heard on NPR this weekend, a swedish company has invented a robotic ball. What I immediately thought of, as did Scott Simon, the NPR host, was the deadly globular ball Rover, from the Prisoner series by Patrick McGoohan.
Funny enough, Nils Hulth, the CEO of Rotundus, had never seen the show and had no idea what the NPR host was talking about. Still, it was cute to hear NPR play a few seconds of the Prisoner theme at the end of the story.

Life on Mars, underground?

Exclusive: NASA Researchers Claim Evidence of Present Life on Mars
Thanks to the detection of Methane, as well as the Mars probes study of water-influenced geology, a pair of NASA scientists have submitted a paper to Nature that infers that there is underground microbial like life on Mars.
As the article indicates, the easiest way to settle this would be to drill, drill, drill. Even microbial life on Mars would be an amazing find. I admit that the fluctuating methane signatures are hard to explain without invoking biological agents. In geologic terms, methane isn’t that stable. Thus, a marker of it suggests there is a sustained activity creating it. According to the science that we know, life is a likely agent.
We’ll see what happens with the peer review to their submission.

NHL Iced out

MSNBC – ICED OUT: NHL cancels entire season
Its now official. For the first time in modern North American sports history, a major professional sports league has canceled its entire season thanks to a labor dispute. Worse than when baseball ended its season prematurely (without a world series), worse than the shortened NFL seasons thanks to labor disputes, worse than the NHL’s own last labor dispute, this is unprecedented.
I don’t watch hockey, its not my thing. But I feel sort of sad for the loss all the same.
As for me, I’m on sports hiatus for the most part, since Football season is now over.

Jimmy Carter a Traitor?!

Power Line: Administration Critics Keeping Mum
The conservative blog Powerline has a post about a WT article about the elections in Iraq, and the role and the opinion of the Carter institute.
The entire blog entry is just quoting from the WT, until comes the slip of the mask, as they say:
Jimmy Carter isn’t just misguided or ill-informed. He’s on the other side.
The Power line people might blab all they want, but I can read between the lines and the implication of that odious little sentence.
Jimmy Carter is not a traitor. Was he a flawed president? Yes, hell yes. But Power Line goes way too far. Despite my disagreements with the current administration, I do not go around calling Bush a traitor to the country. That is beyond the pale.
Ugly. American Politics is in a very ugly phase once again. I may not have a history degree, and so I know its been this full of bile before, but with the age of modern media, the volume of the rancor is louder than the days, say, when Jefferson and Adams were at loggerheads.