Savage Beast Musicology

NPR : Using Advanced Musicology to Find New Favorites
Heard this story on NPR, about this company which uses breakdowns of songs and their attributes in order to recommend other songs to you. They currently offer this just to corporate clients, but seem to be gearing up for a public venture in the near future.
Their system seemed to work from the samples they played in the story, the group and song they recommended based on the Counting Crows Last December was as appealing to me as that song is; and the group they recommended based on a CSN song sounded very much in that tradition.

Lunchtime Poll 26: Greatest Never Played

Ravings of a Textual Deviant � Blog Archive � Lunchtime Poll #26: The Way We Weren’tt
Li’s Lunchtime Poll this week:
Describe the best game you came up with and never got to run (if you�re a GM) or the best game that you were invited to join and never got a chance to play in (if you�re a player)?
Many choices abound, both from a GM and a playing perspective…

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The British view of the Kansas Evolution Debate

I enjoy the parallax that reading other countries’ views of some of the insanities of American Culture can provide. To wit, the view of the British Independent newspaper on the Kansas Science Standards debate.
It’s a outsider’s glimpse into what certain strains of Fundamentalist Christianity want for all of America, whether we like it or no.

TBR Picks

I am going to attend a second con this year, my second visit to The Black Road in Marlborough Massachussetts.
What I have picked for my con slots follows. I lament that many good things are running against each other, and my choices will mandate that I won’t get to play with and under everyone that I’d like. But that is the nature of the beast.

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Pat Robertson on Judges

Print Story: Robertson Says Giuliani Would Be ‘Good President’ on Yahoo! News
Robertson, who launched a brief presidential bid in 1988, said that if he were president he would not appoint Muslims to serve in his Cabinet and that he was not in favor of Muslims serving as judges.
“They have said in the Koran there’s a war against all the infidels,” he said. “Do you want somebody like that sitting as a judge? I wouldn’t.”
He ran for President in 1988, as I recall, and didn’t do that well. Today…he might do better, if he turned his mind to it.
Still, comments like this make Gilead, or the “Christian Fascist” regime mentioned in Hammered, or Nehemiah Scudder ever more slightly plausible.
Not just muslims should denounce Robertson for this, everyone of every faith (or agnoticism/atheism of same) should denounce such comments.
Of course I am under no delusions. I admit that a freely admitted Atheist or Pagan could not be elected to high office in this country and probably never really could.
And that’s dead wrong, too.