Top Fivers SF Lists

Top Fivers
A bunch of humorous lists with SF bents.
For example
SF Letters to Santa:
10> Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a GPS (Galactic Positioning System). My husband *refuses* to stop and ask for directions! Dr. Maureen Robinson
Things overheard at the SF Holiday Party
8> “Geez, Lazarus — with all you’ve had to choose from, you brought your mother as your date THIS year — again??”
Some of the stuff is funnier than others, but I’ve gotten chuckles.

Saudi Ambassador to US suddenly resigns

Saudi envoy to U.S. quits
ReutersPublished: December 12, 2006
WASHINGTON: Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, Prince Turki al-Faisal, has abruptly resigned after 15 months on the job, an embassy official said Tuesday.
“The embassy can confirm that he is leaving,” said the official, who asked not to be named as the announcement had not been made by the Saudi government. “He wants to spend more time with his family.”
Saudi Arabia is a key ally of the United States and is the world’s top oil exporter. Turki’s predecessor, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, held the job for 22 years and the short tenure of the current envoy came as a surprise.
The official said Turki had submitted his resignation and told embassy staff members in Washington about his decision on Monday. The official declined to provide further details.

Now, I play a diplomat in a new Amber PBEM, and have played such in the past. If *my* character, or his superior suddenly resigned like this, it would cause a lot of questions to be raised. I’m very surprised this hasn’t gotten more press.

Me and James Bond

I think, next year, I will track the number of movies I’ve seen and copy the reviews from my livejournal to here, since there are people here who actually read my blog who don’t or can’t read my livejournal.
Anyway, in the meantime, let’s talk about James Bond. I’m terribly uneducated about James Bond. My family not being movie buffs is part of it. My older brother will attest to the fact that I never actually saw a movie in a movie theater until I was 12.

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Great Brown North

According to the state climatologist, the current lack of snow cover across the state is the worst that its been in 50 years.
Its certainly been cold, with temps in the single digits and low teens for the last few days, but there has just been no moisture. The drought we fell into so suddenly this spring and summer, a “Flash drought”, continues unabated.
The reason why *you* should care is that this could result in higher produce prices next year if the crop season is bad.