Twilight Zone and Tragedy

Gary Westerfahl, on the Locus website, has an interesting essay on the Twilight Zone and its longevity, 40 years later. (Consider, the Sci Fi Channel has a marathon every July 4th of Twilight Zone episodes, and stations in NY once did the same thing over New Year’s Day, too).
I think his thesis has merit–the fact that episodes show tragedy in a way that is often not seen in modern media gives them a resonance and speaking to a universal truth in a way that makes them timeless, even given the black and white medium and sometimes silly looking sets.

Goodbye Shinders

Plagued and saddled with a drug-addled owner the past few years, Shinders has shut down all of their stores after a nine decade run in the Minneapolis area.
I liked to think of Shinders as the Twin Cities equivalent of “Hudson News” back in New York, with a wide variety of magazines and other products. Heck, after a lot of trying, I managed to find a used copy of GURPS Voodoo in a Shinders in Coon Rapids one day.
Shinders, founded by five brothers in 1916 shortly after they immigrated from Russia, opened its first location at the corner of S. 6th Street and Hennepin Avenue and adopted the jingle “Rain, sun, snow or sleet, there’s always a Shinder on the street.”