Minnesota LEEDs the way!

U of M’s TCF Stadium awarded LEED certification
Minneapolis — The University of Minnesota’s new football stadium has been designated as a LEED certified building.
The U of M’s 50,000 seat, on-campus football stadium received LEED Silver Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The LEED program certifies green building design, construction and operation.
The stadium gets the designation in part because it was built with 90 percent recycled steel. It also uses an underground system to drain and filter rainwater before it’s discharged to the Mississippi River.
Silver is the third highest LEED certification a building can achieve, behind gold and platinum. The U’s stadium is the first collegiate or professional football stadium in the country to achieve LEED status.

See? Sure, we have idiots like Bachmann and Pawlenty. But we do good things up here too!

Clark Griswold Vacation Life

You know, I sometimes think Clark Griswold is my accidental inspiration for the things that happen on my adventures.
Maybe these things happen to other people with the same regularity. And maybe I just remember these things and share them more often. Or maybe I just have the darndest luck…
This is a long standing tradition!
Let’s look back in the time machine at a few (mis)adventures…
Like the time my brother drove over 120 MPH in a rented station wagon, trying to outrace cops and nearly flipping the car over by taking an exit ramp at several *times* the rated speed.
Or how about the time my brother and I hiked and used cabs to cross London because the Tube was closed thanks to a IRA threat?
Let’s not forget my trip to New Orleans with my friend Felicia. The fact that we were in a hotel room where the temperature controls were in another room–and the people in that room cooked us good and proper. We eventually had to flee to a motel room in Mississippi.
Or how about the time I was stuck in a plane on a tarmac with friends trying to get back to NY. More common these days of course. It was the phrase “don’t want to sound like rats deserting a sinking ship” by the pilot, upon leaving the plane (and leaving us to wait for a new crew) which *really* put the icing on the experience.

Exalted on hold: 4e instead

So I have convinced my gaming group to put the Exalted game on hiatus.
There were a couple of reasons for this–mainly I was afraid of burnout, of making the game more of a chore than a pleasure, and I wanted a couple of weeks off.
However, I didn’t want the gaming group to be *idle*. And I wanted to *play*.
So I have imposed and convinced one of my players, who has GMed in the past (and currently is a GM of a couple of games including D&D 3.5) to run us in 4e. He had a preference for 3.5 himself, but a long discussion last Thursday between Scott and I put us firmly in the “no” column. And I have already played 4e with the indiegamers and kind of liked it.
We start in a couple of weeks.

Questions via Books Meme

From Andrew Wheeler
Using only books you have read this year (2009), cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title.
Describe Yourself: The Compleat Traveller in Black
How do you feel: Pushing Ice
Describe where you currently live: Empire of Ivory
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: The Edge of the World
Your favorite form of transport: Mortal Coils
Your best friend is: Judas Unchained
You and your friends are: Children of Chaos
What’s the weather like: Midwinter
Favourite time of day: Warbreaker
If your life was a: City without End
What is life to you: All the Windwracked Stars
Your fear: Academ’s Fury
What is the best advice you have to give: Poison Study
Thought for the Day: Yellowstone’s Treasures
How I would like to die: Naamah’s Kiss
My soul’s present condition: River of Gods