Dexter Palmer’s The Dream of Perpetual Motion

Dexter Palmer’s The Dream of Perpetual Motion is a new literary steampunk novel.
St. Martin’s Press and Palmer have decided on a multimodal push to promote their new author and book.
On the McMillan page, you will find a screensaver, art inspired by the book, background information, an audio excerpt, and much more. St. Martin’s Press is seeking to spread word about the book in a number of ways.
That way includes me. As it so happens, gentle readers, a contact at McMillan/St. Martin’s Press has asked me, and I have agreed, to read, review and discuss The Dream of Perpetual Motion. In point of fact, the book arrived yesterday.
As soon as I know what to think of the novel, you, gentle readers, will know as well.

Nehemiah Scudder in a Skirt
THE THEOCRATIC WING OF THE GOP…. A certain former half-term governor appears to be drifting even further away from the American mainstream. Over the weekend, appearing at an evangelical Christian women’s conference in Louisville, Sarah Palin rejected the very idea of separation of church and state, a bedrock principle of American democracy.
She asked for the women — who greeted her with an enthusiastic standing ovation — to provide a “prayer shield” to strengthen her against what she said was “deception” in the media.
She denounced this week’s Wisconsin federal court ruling that government observance of a National Day of Prayer was unconstitutional — which the crowd joined in booing. She asserted that America needs to get back to its Christian roots and rejected any notion that “God should be separated from the state.”

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. Sarah Palin is Nehemiah Scudder in a skirt.

Reinterpretation of two Photos

Basing off of my previous post about “The Score and the Performance”, let’s see how that works in practice.
Here is a picture of Fort Yellowstone I took and uploaded last year:
Fort Yellowstone
Now, what happens when I take the Raw and post-process it differently? Let’s make two new performances out of the score:
Fort Yellowstone, reenvisioned #2
Now, let’s try another photo:
Valley in Yellowstone
This is a Valley in Yellowstone. I had to process my original raw file to get this, since the base jpg came out meh. But let’s play with this image a bit, shall we?
Mountains in Yellowstone Reenvisioned #1
Mountains in Yellowstone Reenvisioned #2
So, what do you think?