Book Review 2011 #11: A review on SF Signal–by yours truly.

I am not sure I set out to do it explictly, but over the last few years, I’ve been building a brand with book and movie reviews. Amazon, Goodreads, my own work here…my reviews have been popping up (“like daisies!”) and slowly people have taken notice.
You’ve seen that I am now part of the Functional Nerds, and there’s going to be more fun stuff with that site coming.
Today, though, I’ve joined the SF Signal team as one of their reviewers.
My debut review, of Jon C Grimwood’s The Fallen Blade, is now up on their site for you to read and enjoy. The reviews there are in a somewhat different format than I usually do, but the same honest point of view is now available to a wider audience.
And to quote Fezzik, “Don’t worry, I won’t let it go to my head”. I’m *still* just this guy, you know?

What is my favorite Frederik Pohl novel, Paul Weimer?

Over on the Tor/Forge Press blog, various authors have been talking about their favorite Frederik Pohl novel, since he is about to release a brand new novel in a couple of months.
So far, they have two responses:
Jody Lynn Nye likes Starburst
Mike Resnick likes The Way the Future was
I thought that I would put in my own two cents. I’m not a writer, except of blogs and articles and game turns and things, but I’ve read a number of Pohl novels in my time. Besides, I would bet that my choice is not going to be picked by any of the authors they solicit.
My favorite Pohl novel?

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