In Memoriam

Yesterday, as just about every reader of this Blog by now knows, Ronald Wilson Reagan, former President of the United States, passed away. Rest in Peace, Mister President.
Today, June 6, is the 60th Anniversary of an equally powerful and solemn event–the storming of the beaches of Normandy, and the beginning of the liberation of France in World War II. What I didn’t realize is that D-Day occurred just a couple of days after Allied troops entered Rome.
To all of those who died on those beaches…I thank you.

Soda versus Pop versus Coke

Via the Gamer’s Nook and Neil Gaiman, a map that breaks down the percentage of people who call soft drinks by various slang terms.
I myself have started to convert to the local slang. I called soft drinks “soda” for years, since I lived in NY, which is nearly universally “Soda” country, and then in California, which is mostly “Soda country”.
Now, though, everyone here calls it pop, as shown on the map. I’ve noticed that I have started “slipping” and doing the same, just so I can be understood better.