Partial Solar Eclipse

Your guide to an unusual solar eclipse – –
There isn’t a lot of it visible even to those of my readers in the very south of the US, but today there is a partial eclipse of the Sun.
I’m far too north to see anything at all. Those friends and readers of mine from New Jersey southward will be able to see a bit of this eclipse but the fraction of the sun covered by the moon is relatively modest unless you live in the Florida Keys.

Hubble Deorbit Plan

NASA Review: Hubble Headed For Deorbit-Option Only
To borrow a phrase from Retief, the suits at Nasa have their olfactory sense organ buried in their ventral orifice.
NASA officials seem to have come to the conclusion that the best option for handling one of the most popular ventures in NASA history is to attach a fuel rocket to it, and deorbit it into the Indian Ocean to die.
Sure, I know technology has moved apace. But I have to think that these…bureaucrats have never looked at the wonder of what Hubble brings to us.