Three webcomics

I don’t have time to read as many of these as others of my friends do, but I do like a couple in particular:
Wapsi Square
It looks at first glance to be a webcomic about a few friends in a fictional Minneapolis neighborhood. In reality, its urban fantasy, and I am really enjoying the storylines.
Order of the Stick
Satirical of the rules and regulations and conventions of Dungeons and Dragons, it still manages to tell a great story even through obscure jokes about the arcana of how D&D actually works as a game
Girl Genius
Steampunk Mad science at its best by Phil Foglio. I’ve heard a GURPS sourcebook for this is long in the pipeline and if it ever comes to fruition, I’ll buy it.

Looking for a story: Asking for help

As Elizabeth Bear has said, “All knowledge is contained in LJ” (or Blogs, as the case might be).
And so I am going to give this a shot. I am looking for a story I read at least 15 years ago, whose author and story name I can’t remember, but I remember chunks of the plot. I think I read it in an anthology of other stories but I can’t be sure.
Have you read this story? Who wrote, what is its name and where can I find it?

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