Tiny Pterosaur found

Tiny pterosaur fossil found | Science | The Guardian
Scientists in north-east China have discovered a flying reptile with a wingspan of just 25 cm (10in). It is one of the smallest pterosaurs ever found and probably lived in the forest canopy in the early Cretaceous period 120m years ago. The team, led by Prof Xiaolin Wang at the Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology in Beijing, discovered the nearly complete fossilised skeleton near Jianchang in Liaoning province. They have christened the new species Nemicolopterus crypticus, meaning “hidden flying forest dweller”.

Story Games Name Project

THIS is a great book:
Story Games Name Project
Its done by the folks over at the Story Games board, a board of “Indie” Gamers. The book is a collection and compilation of names from various cultures and contexts for use in RPG games. Because all us gamers and writers know that coming up with unique and distinct names is difficult.
Heck, just ask the ghost of Zelazny, when he came up with the very similar “Merlin” and “Martin”.
Anyway, my friend Arref has a very appropriate contribution to the book, too.
Go get it!

Evidence of Pre Olympian Deity Worship in Greece

An Altar Beyond Olympus for a Deity Predating Zeus – New York Times
Before Zeus hurled his first thunderbolt from Olympus, the pre-Greek people occupying the land presumably paid homage and offered sacrifices to their own gods and goddesses, whose nature and identities are unknown to scholars today.
But archaeologists say they have now found the ashes, bones and other evidence of animal sacrifices to some pre-Zeus deity on the summit of Mount Lykaion, in the region of Greece known as Arcadia. The remains were uncovered last summer at an altar later devoted to Zeus.