ACUS 2003 Con Report Part One

Sorry for the silence everyone…I’ve been integrating myself into life here in cold Minnesota…trying to do a few SB turns, and other things. The days are packed…today for example, we took Scott out for a birthday dinner.
Anyway, without further prelude:
A treatise on my experiences within and about the 2003 Edition of the Ambercon US held in Livonia, Michigan, United States.
General Comments:
The hotel is still in the process of their renovation plan, but the main thrust of those reservations were on the closed fifth floor. The place as a whole was fresher and newer than before. The rates were significantly lower, much to my delight. The downer was that Felicia cracked a tooth on a hard airplane pretzel en route, and so she wound up missing the first slot. That was not fun. Otherwise the experience was pleasant in the hotel, except the tendencies for the card keys to demagnetize…at least once a day.

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