Libyan Desert Glass in King Tut’s Tomb

Global supercomputer leader Cray Inc. (NASDAQ: CRAY) today announced that
researchers running simulations on the Cray supercomputer at Sandia National
Laboratories have re-created what could have happened 29 million years ago
when an asteroid explosion turned Saharan sand into glass. The greenish
natural glass, which can still be found scattered across remote stretches of
the desert, was used by an artisan in ancient Egypt to carve a scarab that
decorates one of the bejeweled breastplates buried in King Tutankhamen’s

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Siskel and Ebert Reviews Online

Here’s some great news!

The various incarnation of Siskel & Ebert & Roeper represent about more than 1,000 TV programs, on which the three of us, and various guest critics, reviewed more than 5,000 movies. And now at last an online archive exists with all of those reviews.
Starting Thursday, Aug. 2, visitors will be able to search for and watch all of those past debates, including the film clips that went along with them, plus the “ten best” and other special shows we did. The new archive will be at, and will be the web’s largest collection of streaming reviews.

Like early episodes of Doctor Who, though, a lot of the early material in Siskel and Ebert’s reviews, from 1975 to 1985 are lost. They did save them on various tapes, but those tapes were erased, overwritten or destroyed.
I look forward to delving through this archive.