Ten Technologies that need to die(?)

Ten technologies that deserve to die
Bruce Sterling, SF writer, offers a list of ten technologies that he thinks humanity would be better off if they were discarded…
Some of these are no brainers. I mean I can see the military usefulness of Nuclear Weapons and Land Mines, but they are repugnant in the extreme to me.
But Manned Spaceflight?! Sure, its dangerous…but is it, qualitatively, more dangerous than the brave souls during the European Age of Exploration? Or to be multicultural, what about the pioneers who braved the Bering Strait land bridge. They had no clue what they were going to find down in the Americas.
His dislike of DVDs brings up an argument I had not heard made before–increase of digital piracy. The commercials, though, I can definitely live without. Still, I think DVDs are better than videotape, and probably a stepping stone to completely downloaded content, or more compact forms. The former is not ready for prime time yet, and the latter aren’t either. I wouldn’t want to stick with videotapes until then. As Deb as mentioned, the clarity of DVDs and cable/satellite television is hard to give up, once you get used to them.


And now we reach the threshold of October. A month of many things to many people. Fall starts to come into its own, although this morning it feels more like a Minnesota November, with morning temperatures below freezing.
Still, there is much to commend to October… Leaves change, Halloween sits perched at the end of the month, on the brink of November. My birthday. Columbus Day. The winter constellations begin to wheel into view. Apples become ripe and ready for picking. (Recall that a couple of years ago, my former Boss took me apple picking in upstate New York–yum!).
It’s my favorite month of the year.